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This is Paper Allure.

We’re the couture invitation designer with the hometown soul and the whimsically cosmopolitan point of view. We’re quite certain there’s no one as passionate about the art of couture invitations as we are. And we know there’s no one and no event quite like you and yours.

We design custom handmade invitations for every type of momentous occasion. For wedding days. For birthdays. For every unforgettable day.

At Paper Allure, we re-inspire the art of the handwritten word with highly detailed custom invitations created especially for your special event.


Paper Allure is you.

Our local customers love that each and every invitation is handmade in our Canton, Ohio brick and mortar studio.

And our jet setting glitterati clients {we must admit we have a few of those} say that our custom couture invitations – what we call our Couture line – is unlike anything they’ve seen elsewhere.

Paper Allure is the ultimate expression of a designer’s signature flair meeting the sentiment behind an unforgettable occasion.