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Party Planning 101

Here at Paper Twigs we have the privilege of creating custom invitations and party ideas for all occasions! Between our love for design and our desire to make every event shine, you could say we’re sort of experts when it comes to planning a fabulous party!
In the coming months we are going to showcase some amazing party themes that we have either already accompanied, or are inspired to create in the future. We know that planning an event can feel overwhelming at times. Between the guest list, the menu, decorations & more… Don’t worry, we’re here to help!
The best way to dive into any project is to start at the beginning. We have researched our own techniques, and sought advice from some of the best; Emily Post, Real Simple, and HGTV to help you come up with a bullet proof To-Do list. Here we go!
1. Reason to Party: Why NOT?! What will your theme be? Are we celebrating a 1st birthday party for a sweet baby girl? Are your parents retiring and it’s time to let them get wild? or Maybe it’s your bridal shower! Whatever the reason for partying – let’s make sure it’s cohesive and exciting for the guests! When planning any party you want to have a clear mission and purpose. This gives the party flavor and makes your guests feel important for being included.
2. Make a Guest List: Is this going to be an intimate dinner party, or are we going with “the more the merrier”? Is this kid-friendly or adults only? Your guest list should always be a priority in that it allows you to further decide on venue, budget and menu!
3. Choose a Venue. Are we having a backyard BBQ or a ladies luncheon at the country club? It is important to decide these early on so you can send your invitations and stay within your budget and most importantly – gain the aesthetics you’re looking for! ;)
4. Invitations tell it all! For the sake of our newly engaged brides out there, let’s say we are planning your bridal shower. Who is hosting? Would you like to have a joint-family shower? Is this Co-Ed? Do you want your shower to match the wedding? These things all need to be addressed in the Invitation so guests know what to expect. Not only does the verbiage need to be there, but the design on an invitation can help your guests decipher what to wear, what to expect of a menu, and gift ideas!
Let me just say; I love invitations that leave you wanting more. 
For instance, your bridal shower is going to be hosted in an old barn but your wedding theme happens to be more Boho-Garden. You can give all of these hints away and more in one beautiful invitation.  This sends excitement & wonder to each and every one of your guests! Make sure your invitations include the following information:
  •     What is this event for?
  •     Who is hosting?
  •     When & Where do the event take place?
  •     How do I RSVP?
5. Let the fun begin! You’ve chosen a theme, a place to host your party, and sent invitations to your lucky guests…What’s next? Getting prepared!
  • Did you receive all of your RSVP’s?
  • Have your menu set up, your caterer hired, or your kitchen prepared to cook! The sooner you’re done cooking, the better.
  • Set the stage. Choose your decorative pieces, floral, tabletops, dishes, table linens, and anything else that will set your party apart!
  • Ask for help from family or friends on the day of the party to set-up.
  • Choose a funky-fresh playlist, appropriate to your party of course!
  • & STOP STRESSING -all of your hard work is about to pay off!
6. Have fun, & be a gracious host! Make an effort to speak with each and every one of your guests (even your crazy old uncle). Continue to replenish food & drinks and make sure you thank everyone for coming! After all, without your lovely company, there would be no reason to celebrate! Don’t forget to leave a few moments & a glass of wine out for yourself, you’re going to need it after all that socializing!
Having a party can be a lot of work, and sometimes stressful. It is important to remember why we do it – To have fun, enjoy the people in your life, and celebrate the good times! Now that we have a Go-To for party planning we can focus on the fun stuff… DESIGN! DECOR! & MORE! OH MY!
So many party ideas, so little time to make them a reality!
Until next time, Happy Hosting!

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A Glamorous Gatsby Style Bachelorette Weekend!

Not only did we have the opportunity to create the fun invitations for this bride’s bachelorette weekend, but we were able to mimic the invite with an awesome 1920s style  head piece! We hope you ladies had a blast! You looked fabulous, Kelly! Stay tuned for photos from the wedding!

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